Pacific Access Limited

Established in Hong Kong in 1994, Pacific Access is your global business partner in the region, providing complete sourcing, production and supply chain management services for brands and retailers around the world. We're here in Asia so you don't have to be. As global project management experts, we transform your ideas into world-class finished products, delivered on budget, on time, and to the quality specifications you demand. We are taking the stress out of product development, manufacturing and supply so that our customers can enjoy a complete suite of services and a peace of mind that allows them to concentrate on their core business.  

For Large Organizations

We provide a platform for unique circumstances, extending beyond their current core competency and existing supply chain management.

For Small to Medium Size Companies

We serve as an extension of the customers’ infrastructure to perform sourcing and project management, which are not possible without a mature operation already established in the Region.

For Product Development Firms

We provide clients manufacturing expertise and complete product realization services.

In all cases, Pacific Access is a low risk, seamless partner that can be relied on to provide repeatable quality and exceptional logistics performance.

Your global partner with local knowledge