Working on ODM basis requires a different approach with strong project management discipline. Most of the factories and main players in the industry are quite capable and willing to develop their own designs and manufacture it. But understanding customer needs and answering them in an ODM project requires a skillful team in charge that needs to be qualified in both technical and communicative perspectives. Our in-house design and project management teams are ready to help you plan and build products according to your specifications and needs. Our technology and expertise help us leverage the cutting-edge engineering techniques and materials to complete complex projects.

Mechanical Design

We believe that good design is the essence of a good, reliable and high quality product. 

Therefore, a well optimized conceptual system and industrial design comes first for us since these are the keys for the steps to follow. Once a well-optimized conceptual design is coupled with an attractive industrial design, we start working on mechanical design for the durability, strength and lifetime of the product. To achieve this, we have a dynamic engineering team with in-depth experience in mechanical design for a wide range of home appliances and in prototyping technologies, which is essential for design verification. For more than two decades now, we have carried out big and diverse projects with global customers and partners. The fact that almost all our teammates have been with us throughout all this time allows us to keep this know-how inside the company. This is how Pacific Access accumulates its know-how.

Design for Manufacturing

Design for manufacturing is one of the most important aspects to have a successful product in terms of costing, stable production and supply chain. If you ignore this at the development stage, you may end up having a great looking product with a low performance or functionality, or if you focus just on design for manufacturing, you may miss your target audience’s preferences. As can be clearly seen in our Case Studies, our project team masters in keeping the balance between mechanical design and design for manufacturing thanks to its expertise in design, engineering and development.

Design to Cost

In today’s competitive business environment, Pacific Access provides you an advantage by delivering world-class products on time and within your budget. We optimize for costs while holding high quality standards to ensure reliable and profitable product delivery to market. With over 25 years of experience in production in Asia across different industries, we have the knowledge and procedures in place to find the most competitive design solutions, components and cost effective items from our part of the world.