Pacific Access enforces a rigorous Supplier selection process and in addition, all suppliers are trained to gain the awareness, knowledge and necessary skills to meet our strict demand to ensure total quality are delivered to our final products. Our suppliers ensure they not only meet your expectations but also actually add value to the manufacturing process by customizing production to your needs.

Pacific Access suppliers are asked to undergo an evaluation process, which will include a factory audit.  This process is performed  under the direction of the Director of Purchasing. 

If you would like to be one of our suppliers, kindly send email to


太平洋协通执行严格的供应商筛选程序. 所有的供应商都会接受严格的培训从而有足够的知识和能力去保证我们产品的整体质量.我们的供应商不只是满足你们的期望,而且还可以在生产过程中提供客户定制的个性化服务.