Fans buying tips

Functions/Features Promotional Entry level Medium Premium
Power 15-20W 30-40W 50-100W 50-200W
Speed Multiple
Size 4"-5" 6"-10" 10"-20" 12"-20"
Blade material Plastic Plastic Plastic/Metallic Plastic/Metallic
Grill Plastic Plastic Plastic/Metallic Stainless steel/Metallic
Low noise
Adjustable angle
Adjustable height
Motor housing Plastic Plastic Plastic/Metallic
Price range(FOB China) $3-$5 $6-$12 $12-$20 >$20
What features and functions are available?
Starting from the low end Discount or Promotional products to Entry-level,Mid priced to Gourmet or Full-featured models, we offer this table as a buying guide to our product line.If you want a feature that is not shown here, send us an enquiry and we'll get back to you right away! Finally, our quote to you will depend on a combination of detailed specifications, certifications required, packaging, and of course, volume and payment terms.