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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

With over 15 years of experience, in 2009 Pacific Access has successfully completed over 600 unique types of tooling and molding projects. Our technology and expertise helps us leverage the very latest engineering techniques and materials to complete complex projects. When clients need exception quality in low cost product tooling, parts, assembly and distribution, Pacific Access is the preferred partner of many leading Asian and European firms. We can meet the custom specifications for your project to help delivery top quality within your budget and deadline requirements.

Where other companies see a challenge, we see an opportunity – our focus is on finding an affordable, quality solution for our clients with the following engineering services:

Tooling and Molding

As 2009, our company successfully completed over 600 tooling and production projects exceeding client expectations for delivery and budgeting. We specialize in high quality plastic injection molds, and have been a preferred export partner for many international firms since 1995.

With these areas of expertise, we can help successfully manage production in nearly every major industry:

Automotive Parts
Providing professional grade automotive parts, we can produce a wide variety of accessories including bumpers, side panels, head lamps, turn signal lamps, frames for fans, front grilles, side indicator lights and a variety of other parts.
Household Appliances
Working with many of the leading consumer companies, we have developed extensive manufacturing capabilities for refrigerator, washing machine, television, oven, vacuum and appliance parts.
Office Appliances
Our manufacturing team can produce a variety of premium quality office appliances including parts for PC, printers, copy machines, as well as electronic peripherals.
With growing demand for consumer electronics, we produce high quality devices including mobile phones, DVD players, handset phones, electronic hardware as well as stereos and other custom technology.
Healthcare Products
Our focus on quality in production has earned Pacific Access contracts with leading health care product companies to produce syringe parts, medical device parts and a variety of medical products.
Consumer Products
For nearly any type of modern consumer product, we have the molding and product development expertise to complete your project. Our team has worked on over 11 unique consumer product designs over the past year and can work on custom projects of nearly any type.
Other Applications

Our technical track record enables us to work on double injection and insert molded parts, along with a variety of custom projects. We have experience in gas assisted molded partners, and have the manufacturing technology to successfully complete your project.

Engineering & Tooling Services
Mold Design Service

Quality manufacturing starts with accurate mold design, and our superior mold development capabilities are validated to meet client specifications. With our focus on quality, we work with our clients to ensure production standards are met.

Plastic Injection Molds

Our manufacturing facilities allow us to produce nearly every type of custom plastic injection mold, ranging from thin wall, foam, gas assisted, over molding, rotational, two shot to insert molding.

We can offer professional quality stamping for products with industry leading specifications. We can stamp products using ferrous or Non-Ferrous, Deep Draw, High Speed Progressive, Pierce and Bend methods.

Casting is crucial to the production process, and we have capabilities for quality iron, Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium, Brass and Copper Casting.


Material cutting requires precise technology and engineering expertise, and we can perform machining ranging from CNC milling to CNC lathe operations with proven results.

Turn your idea from concept into prototype in less time with our premium quality SLA, SLS, or cast urethane prototype methods. Your models will be accurate, and help you to make an informed evaluation during the production process.