Pacific Access - USBPal line of personal memory keeps your data and information safe on the go. Our wide range and fully customizable USB is the perfect gifts and promotional item. Choose from existing USB design or customized for your target market's need. Available for wholesale and importers at a great price unavailable elsewhere.
Things you should know about, when you purchase USB drives.
  • • Is the quality or grade of a flash chip important to a USB flash drive?
  • • Is it a factor in the wholesale and retail price?
  • • Does it really matter?
The answer is yes, the quality of the flash is a big influence on the pricing.
Don’t buy recycled or reclaimed flash chips. Those chips are considered waste from the “wafer” that the original manufacturer does not want and consider to be garbage. These have 40% failure rate.
Pacific Access Limited only provides you two grades of USB flash chip.
Most reliable with best quality, the chips that will last the longest and fail the least, they are carefully tested and screened, always use by brand names
Good quality enough for general use but with lower cost, suitable for those who are price conscious but also need the steady quality
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